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Congratulations on your immigration visa for you and your family. Here are some important points to put in your consideration before you come to Canada:

  • Please send your flight number, time of arrival, and airline information to the newcomer's servant to arrange for your airport pick up.

  • It is advisable to book a few days after your arrival in one of the motels/hotels with reasonable rates. Please Google- motels/hotels in Kingston or use websites like

  • As you know we have to have car insurance in Canada so if you are planning to buy a car please bring a certificate (شهادة بيانات) from (El Mourour- المرور) and an Insurance Letter from your insurance company proving that you did not have any car accidents for a long time (good outstanding certificate) this certificate will save you a lot of money every month please translate it to English.

  • At the airport, they will ask you for an address in Kingston to send your papers and cards to it. Please contact anyone of the newcomer's servants who will look after this request.

  • It is advisable to bring the Baptism certificates for kids (in English). You can translate it at any translation office or please go to Oskofiat el Khadamat - Elabasiyiah Cathedral - Cairo- اسقفية الخدمات to translate it to you. In Kingston, all Catholic schools accept our church baptism certificates.

  • Bring all your and your spouse experience certificates (In English) to help you in searching for jobs.

  • Please don't bring any electrical devices except Phones, Laptops.. etc. As you know the electricity power and Voltage are different than Electricity in the Middle East.

  • You can bring some Utensils, Blankets as much weight as the airline will allow you to carry.

  • On the main website, you can see all the services (Masses, Sunday school, bible study sessions, ...etc).

  • The newcomers' servants will help you to issue your cards (Health cards, Social Insurance cards, Banking, Housing, ...etc ) so do not be worry about that.

Wish you all the best, and see you soon!

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